Fueled by his inability to fly, Arpeggio has always been obsessed with all things mechanical.
Arpeggio regards himself as a master of art and engineering who has the skill and birthright to recreate his power image.

Arpeggio turned to the works of the Italian masters of the Renaissance period, looking at their designs of flying machines in search of a way to make himself fly.
He came into the Klaww Gang as mechanical expert, and serviced all the Clockwerk parts for use in the Klaww Gang's schemes.

However, Arpeggio secretly planned to reassemble Clockwerk and merge with him, giving him not only the ability to fly, but the power of immortality.
However, Arpeggio's brilliant scheme involving the use of all the Klaww Gang's talents and manipulating Sly Cooper and his gang into stealing the Clockwerk parts didn't factor in a betrayal by his protege Neyla.

When Arpeggio tried to order her out of the Clockwerk Frame, she crushed him.