The Guru


He speaks in a manner that is hard to understand and yet easy to find the meaning in.
He loves the beauty and peace of the natural world, especially the Australian Outback.

The Guru can do several things, including disguising himself as a rock, bush, or pile of sticks, or taking over weak-minded enemies.
He is also the appointed guardian of the Mask of Dark Earth.
He channels his power through his walking stick and Moon Stone.

After training Murray in the art of the Dream Time, the Guru sends him on a world-wide walkabout.

After Murray accomplishes his goals in Venice, he returns to the Outback with Sly and Murray to gain permission to end his training.

However, in his absence, the Guru has been abducted by local miners, and his powers have vanished because of the intrusion.
Seeking the aid of Murray and co., the Guru regains his trusty gear and powers after his new friends recover the stick and Stone and drive the miners from Ayers Rock
Contributing his mystic prowess to the team, Guru helps the gang destroy the local drill machines and the security copter.

After the Mask of Dark Earth is destroyed, the Guru joins Sly and the gang on their quest.